Sinister-Wisdom.jpgSinister Wisdom 87 
(November 2012) 113 pp., (paper). Founded in 1976, Sinister Wisdom: A Multicultural Lesbian Literary & Art Journal  was edited by Adrienne Rich and Michelle Cliff between 1981 and 183 (issues 17 through 24). The magazine’s November 2012 issue, SW 87, is edited by Merry Gangemi and Julie R. Enszer and contains a wide range of appreciations and essays on Adrienne Rich, as well as poetry, artwork, and photography. Contributing writers and artists include Rachel Tzvia Back, Cheryl Clarke, Jewelle Gomez, Lynda Koolish, and Alison Bechdel. Characteristic of Sinister Wisdom over its forty years of publication, the work is deeply personal, enormously varied, and provides valuable cultural and historical context, including Enszer’s account of the magazine during the period when Rich and Cliff were its editors.